Unknown fabric stash!

I thought it was time to go through an old ottoman which my father made years ago, to see what sort of left over fabric was in there and what a surprise!! I reckon there’s a few here with enough to squeeze a Sorbetto out of!

I couldn’t believe what was there… There seems to be a lot of red, although I don’t wear that much red!

These are from dresses made some time ago, before I ever had a blog, so in a spare moment, I’ll write about those!

These you may recognise from previous posts. The dark blue is from a dress I made for a friends wedding years ago. I loved the shape, but it shrank (or possibly I put on weight!) and it never fitted properly again. At the time I wasn’t into refashioning, I think it went to a charity shop!!

The blue in this one is from my old faithful. Another dress I made years ago, which still fits and has hardly lost any colour and I wear loads. I love it. Definitely a blog post to come! The geometric one at the top is quite wild for me, I think there’s enough for a top, whether I’m brave enough though…

More red, plus a green silk and a purple taffeta. There’s more clothes here than I thought, although I’m not into wearing purple taffeta every day, so that may not see the light of day during September, unless Mr N takes me out!!

So here’s to future posts of long ago made items and future posts of sorbettos and other tops made from left overs!!


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