So Nikki, what’s next on the list to sew?

This is a tough question! I’ve so many projects planned now, I’m really unsure where to start. I haven’t helped the situation by buying some more fabric from the town market where I work. What do you think of this?

It’s viscose and cost me £10 for about 2 and a half metres of 60″ wide! Loads of fabric!! The colour hasn’t come out brilliantly, it’s actually a cream colour, not white. The seams will certainly be a mess, I may have to actually use French seams for this. But what shall I make?

I’d like a dress with 3/4 sleeves so I can wear it in the cooler months. I’ve three that I’m thinking of…

Vogue 8413 – it’s got 3/4 sleeves. The cowl neck would work well with the material because it’s heavy and drapes really well. Not sure the straight skirt will be the best.

Simplicity 2145 – cowl neck or V-neck. Flared skirt to drape around my legs! Lots of different sleeves. Ooh, I do like these Project Runway patterns!

Vogue 8511 – simple, elegant and understated.
Or perhaps the new Colette Patterns Peony?? Simple, flared skirt, 3/4 sleeves…
However, this is not all I have to make for the autumn/winter…
I’ve got the beautiful fabric I bought on holiday in Thailand.
This is going to be made into Colette Patterns Violet and the remainder I’m going to team up with plain black to make Vogue 1178, the beautiful floaty Anna Sui dress.
I’ve also got all the fabric I bought when I went down to Goldhawk Road. The aqua and black woven fabric is at the top of the list to make into a pencil skirt.

Sew much to do, sew little time! I really must get doing something! But which pattern should I make from the viscose at the top of this post?

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