SSS’11 Days 26 to 30

I can’t believe it, I’ve got through a month wearing something which I’ve made every day! Phew! Good job I managed to make some during the month, else it would have been a bit boring with the same old things coming out day after day.

Here are the last few days…

Day 26

 My favourite dress again. Down in the basement in one of our libraries, checking through a bound newspaper.
Dress:  Made about eight years ago.
Cardigan:  RTW, bought this year, but with replaced buttons (blogged about here on day 18)
Day 27

Recently finished in time for SSS’11!

Skirt:  self-stitiched, finished on day 23, first worn on day 25!
T-shirt and shurg:  RTW from M&S

Day 28


Holding a little librarian toy going “Shhhh”!

Dress:  Made last year, worn on day 3.
Cardigan:  RTW from Monsoon. It was hot outside, but I was in an air-conditioned library and needed the extra layer!

Day 29

Oh, it’s exactly the same outfit as day 2!!

RTW blouse from Monsoon
Skirt:  self-stitched about four years ago from a Prima pattern.

Day 30

The girls thought it would be funny if I posed with some of the slightly different stock we have in the library…

Here’s another photo taken at home later…

Blouse:  self-stitched in June from Simplicity dress pattern 2360
Skirt:  RTW from Next

Phew! That’s it! I’ve made it! Well it’s 1st October and I’m actually wearing everything RTW today. It’s lazy, but I’m feeling decidedly full of cold and horrible stuff, so just couldn’t think much this morning. I have got some RTW clothes which I’ve missed wearing, so they will now have an airing. However, there are quite a lot of RTW things in the wardrobe which I really haven’t missed and I think they will now either go to the charity shop or be sold at a boot sale. We need to have a clear out anyway, so it comes at an opportune time.

I’ve really enjoyed the month, so thanks So, Zo for organising. Here’s to the next one in May?, only I’d best get sewing, or it’ll all be the same clothes as you’ve just seen for this month! 🙂


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