Inspiration… and help!

I’ve seen this dress and love the shape so much I’ve got to have it!! I’d much rather be able to tell people I’ve made it, not bought it. I’m sure I can make it to last too, not to fall apart in 10 minutes…

Has anyone any ideas where I might find a pattern similar? The dress is a simple shift

It has a pleated neck with lovely short pleated sleeves…

The waist is really lovely, it’s not just the four soft pleats echoing the neck at the top of the skirt. Look at that lovely detail around each side…

The back is just simple and beautifully elegant…

Please, can anyone suggest a similar pattern? I think I can find a sleeve, back and at a pinch the skirt, but the neck?? My pattern drafting skills are NOT up to drafting this!

You know what it’s like when you see something which just has to be bought…

Any ideas?


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