Time for some reading…

Drafting the pencil skirt with Sew Country Chick, I’ve been interested whether I may be able to draft more.
I can’t really afford to go on any courses, plus because of the big secret I can’t commit long term. So I’ve made use of being a librarian and have sourced lots of books to have a look through with a view to getting my own copy. I think there’s still two or three on their way, currently I have…
Pattern-drafting for fashion:  the basics by Teresa Gilewska. I quite like this book. The images and instructions are clear and simple and easy to read and as far as I’m concerned, perfect for a beginner. I’ve also requested the advanced version to have a look at too. I have to say, I’m sorely tempted.

Make your own patterns by Rene Bergh. Another book which is perfect for a beginner. It also has different patterns and images to the Gilewska book and compliments it well. I almost think it’s worth getting both!!
Metric pattern cutting by Winifred Aldrich. I think this is quite a technical book and ideally suited for those doing a pattern drafting course. For me, however, I think it’s really far too technical and far too advanced for me.
Sorry, I’ve not posted photos of the insides, I didn’t want to be caught with copyright issues…
I’ve also been going through a book I got last Christmas, which has been a god-send.
The sewing book by Alison Smith. This basically shows tips for sewing, such as how to insert zips, putting in pockets, etc, etc. There’s loads of information in it with really clear images. Alison Smith runs a sewing school in Leicestershire in the UK (Alison Victoria School of Sewing), where they run a number of different courses, covering pattern drafting, boning, simple day-to-day sewing, etc. If I had the money, I’d be there tomorrow, but…

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