Have you see this post on Cindy’s blog with the fab image?

When I first saw this, it was a button I had to have for my blog, it’s so cool! Cindy from Cation Designs and emsewcrazy from Tumbleweeds in The Wind have come up with the great plan for 2013. [The artwork is by Jen Sy.]

So many people have said they want to reduce their stash this year and so they’ve come up with the Stashbusting Sewalong. There are monthly themes to follow if you need something to keep the focus. There’s also a flicker group to join up and post the photos.

And so…

I, Nikki, of Nikki’s Stitches, commit to using at least one piece of fabric from my stash each month of 2013. I also commit to use some of this on un-selfish sewing!

I find it hard not to buy anymore, I may see an absolute bargain, I could try to say I’ll only buy more fabric if it’s in a sale? [Yes I know I’ve bought some fabric this year already, but it was in the sale… :-)] I’ll try to stick to the themes, but can’t guarantee it, particularly as the piece I’ve used this month was actually more than a bit – it was about 1m 20…

Anyways, I’ll give it my best shot!


3 thoughts on “Stashbusting…

  1. Oh this sounds like such a fun idea – perhaps I'll join up. My stash isn't too out of control, but we live in a 1 bedroom apartment so I can't go too crazy (still there is fabric I've had for over a year sitting there!)

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