The Welly bloggers picnic…

We had another meet-up!

The day dawned bright and sunny and stayed that way! No four seasons in one day for Sunday 20th January.

Seven intrepid bloggers (no not dwarves, even though we’re in the Middle of Middle-Earth…) met in the gorgeous Lady Norwood rose garden in the Botanic Gardens in Wellington. The plan was to wear something made from the swap at the previous meet-up, but one thing and another (chewing overlockers, life, dodgy ribbon trims, etc) meant that only two of us made something from the last meet, however, there were still plenty of new makes to ooh and ahh over!

The sun was shining bright and after a pick me up coffee/tea in the cafe we retired to the Dell to spread out our food! And what a spread!

Mini calzones from MrsC, cheese scones from the Curious Kiwi, quiche from Making it well, cold meats and cheese from me and Cation Designs, lovely drinks from Modern Vintage Cupcakes and amazing tarts from the Crazy Gypsy, which deserved their own photo…


The time went so fast, chatting about sewing, patterns, sewing, knitting, patterns, etc, etc. We were so busy chatting that we didn’t realise the time, the pattern and fabric swap happened so fast, I even forgot to take a photo of the striped stretch denim I got from Kat! We intended to have posing for photo practice, but it didn’t really happen, but we did get some photos of outfits not blogged about and we even managed to cajole a passing tourist to take a group photo or two…

 The serious school pic
And our “Blue Steel” version!
And so, the bloggers were…

Top row (left to right): Kat (with baby Drake looking very serious!), Emily, Maryanne, Juliet.
Bottom row (left to right): Jo, Mel, Me.

And here for your delight are a couple of posing practice photos!


And if you are thinking “those wedges look interesting” and are getting shoe envy, here’s a pic to make you even more envious…

Yes I do have odd painted toe nails…

It was a fab day and a great picnic. If you’re thinking that you’d like to join in and are in or around the Wellington area, give us a shout, we’ll add you to the group for the next meet-up. Some of the other bloggers have already posted about the meet-up, so check out their blogs too.


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