Stashbusting – the love challenge…

Just a quick post to get this in before the end of the month…

This is my February contribution to Cation Designs Stashbusting Challenge.

I’ve made Mr N a shirt! This is the first men’s shirt I’ve made so it took me some time, but it’s finished in time for Mr N’s birthday which is today! I was sewing the last few buttons on at work today!

As he still hasn’t tried it on it’s perhaps a tad unfair to write a full post… Plus we’re away for the weekend in Queenstown, so I’ll write a full post when we get back.

In the meantime… What do you think of my handiwork?


6 thoughts on “Stashbusting – the love challenge…

  1. Wow it look great – I hope the fit is good, though I'm sure you'll tell us all when you get back.

    Have a fab time down south.

    BTW I like the cuff buttons …. to my poor eyesight they look like pirate buttons. Are they?

  2. Yep, they are pirate buttons. Mr N's request. I wasn't sure if anyone would see them in this photo šŸ™‚

    Action shots to follow soon.

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