Sewing social – well more like eating!

OK, so I admit, little sewing has taken place, but it hasn’t stopped me being social with the Wellington Sewing Bloggers (WSBN) and chatting about things sewing/fabric, enabling (fabric purchases and otherwise) and… erm eating! We certainly know how to party!

We’ve had mid-winter Christmas, spending the afternoon at a Charm of Magpies, knitting or doing cross-stitch, followed by handmade Christmas ornament swapping and a lovely roast dinner…

My Christmas ornament – a purple elephant, made by the Adventures of the Girl from the Naki

Flossie FT with her kiwi I made

Look at the great selection of handmade Christmas decorations

The savoury food…

…and the sweet, with the most amazing pavlova made by MrsC

We also trekked up to Palmerston North to spend the day on the Crazy Gypsy‘s patch. The plan was to go to Levana in Levin, but they were closed, so we op-shopped locally, then had posh tea and cakes in Palmy and a little bit of spending in the Arthur Toye sale…

Kapiti Island at dawn on our way up

Making it Well deciding where to start

Quick Mama Gypsy (aka the Forgotten Fashionista), it’ll be gone!

Taking over Arthur Toye

The Curious Kiwi eyes up some fur…

Than last week we celebrated Cake patterns by wearing a Cake pattern and eating lots of cake – you see I told you we know how to eat πŸ™‚

Lots of Cake (Group photo courtesy of Flossie FT) including three new members of our fab group

The group of Tiramisus (Tiramisi?) Anyone know the plural of Tiramisu? (Courtesy of FlossieFT)

Lots of edible cake

Tiramisu and me πŸ™‚

As for my Tiramisu dress, I shall leave that for another day…

12 thoughts on “Sewing social – well more like eating!

  1. Lots of fun days out. I wonder if that's why not much sewing gets done πŸ™‚ They are a great crowd to hang out with and always there if we need someone.

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