Time for you to decide…

In my madness, I’ve decided I’ll take part in another Monthly Stitch Challenge

For March, the girls at TMS thought it would be good to make up a pattern which we’ve never made up before. Easy eh? Yeah, right, I just happened to be there when they came up with the twist in the tail… Why don’t we get participants to put three patterns on their blogs and get people to vote on which of the three they should make? And so the Miss Bossy Patterns was born!

Β 2014_03_badge

And so, without further ado, these are my three patterns, with possible fabrics…

Vintage Vogue 8728 made in this really soft cotton lawn, which you may recognise from the Curious Kiwi’s blog… This fabric will need lining, so it’ll certainly be an interesting make.

By Hand London Elisalex in this cotton sateen in red with grey and white flowers. Not sure how the skirt will look on me, I might have to alter it slightly.

A new acquisition to my collection, Gather Kits The Mortmain in this cotton sateen. This dress has an exposed zip which I’ve never sewn before, so may be interesting to make.

So you have a week to let me know what you think I should make! This is going to be fun!

Sew Miss Bossy, which pattern should I make?



27 thoughts on “Time for you to decide…

  1. He he, I think because it needs a lining and it's not really a standard bodice shape, ie it's not a princess seam or it doesn't have bust darts, which will mean it'll be a bit different.

  2. You make this too, too hard!! What wonderful choices! Had to go with the Mortmain. It's always good to learn new things…even if it's only an exposed zipper. :-)) Have fun

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