Loud golf – Mark II

The first pair of loud golf trousers were loved so much at a second pair was soon commissioned!

These were actually made in time for The Monthly Stitch Smarty Pants month of February, but I’ve been a bit delayed a) photographing them and b) writing up the post.


There isn’t really that much to say about these. I used the same pattern as before, Vogue 8719

I did however make a change to the “front” pockets. The Vogue pattern has these as in seam pockets. These weren’t that successful as golf trousers. A man needs to put golf balls, tees, pitchmark repairers, ball markers, not to mention a handkerchief in his pockets when he’s playing golf, consequently the pockets needed a rethink.
Even though I can’t get my own trouser muslin to fit…
Oh my god, does my bum really look like that?
… the front slash pockets on the Thurlow pattern are really good. And so I used the same idea for Mr N’s second pair.

I cut a triangle from the top side seam of the front pieces

And used this as a template for the remainder of the pocket. The pattern pockets start at waist level, so I made pouch larger and cut this twice, one without the triangle template, and one with.

So the slash pockets were born. These are a complete success. I am really pleased how these have worked. I also made the back pockets slightly deeper with no flap over the top. They needed to be deeper, Mr N’s wallet kept falling out… 🙂

The topstitching was all done with a green thread, the same colour as the green in the pattern, however, this isn’t visible with so much loud pattern!

The details…

Fabric: Stretch cotton sateen from Spotlight, October 2013 (can’t remember the cost)
Notions:   Thread, a standard dress zip, one button and interfacing for the waistband (yes I actually used a button and buttonhole on the waistband!)

Pattern:  Vogue 8719
First worn:  For the Holland Cup trials at Karori Golf Club February 2014
Changes made:   Altered the inseam side pockets to be slash pockets and also enlarged the back pockets.
Another one?  Mm, I have a feeling this customer will never be satisfied! More, more! I would like to make some more in sturdier fabric, more as everyday trousers. The slash pockets were a complete success, as were the larger back pockets.

Not many photos on this one and Mr N doesn’t look that happy in this photo! I promise you he is happy. I think he was itching to get to the club and having photos taken was delaying him! 🙂


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