Natalie and Nina

This is another of Kat’s fabulous patterns teamed up with my fave cardigan, Muse Natalie dress and Style Arc Nina cardigan.

I’ll not say much about the cardigan, I’ve said it all before, it is so easy to cut and make up. I love them. I know the draped look might not be for everyone, but I get so much wear out of these.

I think I bought the fabric for this one, intending to make something else and it was definitely pattern tetris cutting this out. I think the bottom piece is actually cut across the grain, but hey, it works and the cardigan has been washed a couple of times since making up and it’s made no difference. This merino is quite closely woven and keeps it’s shape really well. Unlike my black merino Nina cardi which has gone a tad baggy now!

The details
Fabric:  Fuchsia pink merino from Levana, Levin, June 2015.
Notions:  Thread and some cotton tape to stabilise the shoulders and neck.
Pattern:  Style Arc Nina cardigan, size 14
Changes made:  None
Another one/recommendations:  I’ve made four of these cardigans. I love them. They are great for slobbing around in and are smart enough for work. I know the look isn’t for everyone, but for me, I love them!

And so to the Natalie dress. I was intrigued by this dress from the start. I was over at Kat’s one weekend for a knitting afternoon and she suggested I try on one of her sample versions. I loved it, the fit, the style, etc. I knew I needed one in my wardrobe. And so, I used this pale grey knit I got from Levana back in April. It was intended to be another Gillian, but I decided it would be perfect for this dress.

I went for the version with the gathers under the bust. I didn’t intend to, but this fit was actually much better for me. I had to be careful with pattern placement, I could have had flowers in the wrong places – as it were!

The pattern, like all of Kat’s patterns, is drafted perfectly. This is a size 38 and fit me straight out of the box. I’ve made no alterations to the pattern at all. I followed the instructions to the letter, they didn’t need any changing. It’s really easy to put together and sews up so quickly. The sleeves are the perfect length for me – I love 3/4 length sleeves.

I honestly have no complaints about this pattern. OK, the ties are really long and that’s possibly because they are intended to come round the front, but I’d rather leave the front free. Hang on, is that my only gripe – what am I saying? Nope I’ve no gripes or groans at all and I get so many compliments when I wear this dress. It’s a real keeper and very tempting to make another…

The details
Fabric:  Pale grey polyester knit from Levana, Levin, April 2015
Notions:  Thread, interfacing and some cotton tape to stabilise the shoulders.
Pattern:  Muse Patterns Natalie dress, size 38
Changes made:  None
Another one/recommendations:  I’m actually really tempted to make another, this dress is great, it fits well and I really love it. I certainly recommend the pattern, it’s so easy to make up and the fit is fab. Oh and what’s more you can make a top or a maxi dress too.

Excuse the hair everywhere, we’d done photos the day before and the exposure was all wrong and this day is one of Wellington’s lovely windy days. You’d have thought by now I’d learn to put my hair back!

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