Pin Pegs Mini

So I’m sat collapsed on the sofa in front of the TV wondering if I’ve any hand sewing I can do – no. Oh, OK, it looks like knitting, oh hang on, why don’t a write a blog post – well now that is a novel idea!

Here we have Sewthispattern Pin Pegs Mini Skirt.

IMG_8226I saw this skirt first on Veronica Darling‘s blog and thought, I like that, mm wonder if I can lengthen it?

IMG_8230Veronica Darling is not only smaller than me in height, but considerably smaller than me pegs-wise. Consequently a really short skirt may not be ideal! 😉 Don’t get me wrong, this skirt is short! The pattern says it is 45 cm, which is just under 18 inches in old money! I lengthened it by 3 inches. In hindsight this may have been a wee bit too much, but it rides up when sitting down and I can still use this for work – it’s decent enough!IMG_8215Lengthening was an interesting affair. Lengthening the front panels with the direction for the zip took some thinking. Which angle should I cut it at? In the end, I drew a line from the very top to the very bottom and cut it that way.

2015-06-24 18.34.37-2The other thing was that I was working with a scrap of fabric which thecuriouskiwi gave me… The facings have been pieced together – I couldn’t cut them in one piece! I think I had about a metre which was left over from this lovely dress. The pattern for my size says use 1.2m for 60″ wide fabric. Oops, sorry, just realised I’m mixing new money with old – can’t help it! Fabric is always so many inches wide to me, but I have to buy it in metres. My measurements are always in inches too… I digress.

IMG_8222The pattern was actually relatively simple to make up – just make sure you label your pieces carefully and I mean that. There are 12 pattern pieces to this skirt, so you have been warned! As long as you label carefully then you should be fine. The skirt is made up, waistband attached, zip attached and then the facings are attached in one go. This is what the facings look like… As I said – make sure you label your cut pattern pieces carefully…

IMG_3944I wasn’t sure what length zip to buy and in the end, I bought one which was 20 inches long. It might be a bit too long, but I think it works. Trying to find an open ended zip to go was really difficult. I managed to find this one in Spotlight. It has silver teeth, which I like and also has white stitching attaching the teeth to the black fabric. Inserting the zip was actually pretty easy as the instructions were great.

IMG_3878The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Photographs are used to illustrate the instructions. I quite like these, but it did mean I needed to read them on my laptop so that I could enlarge them, rather than relying on my not so good printouts – you all know by now how much I rely on pictures rather than the text!

IMG_8221I started this skirt at home, but finished the majority of it at the North Island Sewing Meet we had at the end of July in Rotorua. These photos were taken back then, oops! Yeah, just a slight delay in the posting 🙂 It’s called life fair readers.


The details
Fabric: Cotton sateen leftover from Mel
Notions: Thread, interfacing and an open ended zip
Pattern: Sew this pattern Pin Pegs Mini Skirt, size 14
Changes made: I lengthened the skirt by 3 inches

IMG_8212Another one/recommendations: This is actually a really good pattern. The main gripe I have is that my facings often get caught in the zip. Otherwise, I love the shape of the skirt and it’s definitely had a fair bit of wear over the past few months. What I really love is that the fabric and shape actually mean that I can wear this year round with tights in the winter and it’s long enough for bare legs in the summer too. It’s also really easy to wear. I can actually see another one in a plain colour as a useful staple in my wardrobe.


9 thoughts on “Pin Pegs Mini

  1. What a great idea for a skirt pattern, and what a beautiful version you’ve made, Nikki! Your mentioning the many & confusing-unless-well-labeled pieces is very good to know, as well as your method for lengthening. I’d need to do the same thing! Love your styling, and that front porch where you modeled the ensemble is grand. Happy New Year down there!

    1. Go for it! I often find I need to find a version in real life before I’ll make it. I think it was just the quirky hem line which I really loved. It’s a great make though and is fab for work and casual.

    1. Thanks Annie. As I said, I was stumped to begin with how I might lengthen it and thought at the last minute I’d got it wrong when I was about to put the zip in! It worked a treat!

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