Yaletown – the Christmas version!

So I finally got around to it – I made another Yaletown.IMG_8764I think as soon as I bought this fabric I knew it had to be a Yaletown. It just took a while for me to put it together. The drape is perfect for this dress and it even feels vaguely Christmassy!

My last Yaletown I felt was too big for me. I had cut size 14 and I had issues with the length of the bodice and also with the blousiness of the bodice. It just felt too big. Consequently I decided I would make a size 12.IMG_8775I think the size 12 looks OK, but it actually feels a wee bit tight across the back and the top of the bust. The wrap front is attached correctly, but actually when I laid it down flat to attach the wrap for the V neck, it ended up being way too small to fit, so the wrap front doesn’t lie completely flat. I can see it, but I don’t think it’s that visible really. Perhaps I’m somewhere between a 12 and 14, or perhaps I should grade down the waist to a 12 to ensure I’ve got the high bust and upper back size I need for movement. Also this size doesn’t gape when I bend over like my previous one.

IMG_8792The fabric is a silk mix which I got from The Fabric Store. It was cheap because there are supposedly flaws in the fabric. If there are flaws I couldn’t find them! The fabric has texture to it which I really like. The main problem is that it frayed like anything! I’d finished the dress and it was ready hanging up and then I suddenly realised that the casing for the elastic had come undone! ARGH! I ended up stitching a long piece of the fabric about an inch wide and then stitching it over the top of the waistband. It doesn’t show when wearing the belt, but I did suddenly wonder why the waistband felt a bit bulky the other day!

12208702_10153198550826272_7067744501424328420_nWhat else can I say? I finished the sleeves the same way as previously. So I folded over a small hem, stitched a very short narrow zig-zag and then trimmed off the excess. The hem was stitched on the machine. All other seams were finished on my overlocker.

IMG_8800The details
Fabric:  Silk mix from The Fabric Store, bought January 2015.
Notions:  Thread, elastic and interfacing
Pattern:  Sewaholic Yaletown, size 12
Changes made:  None

IMG_8780First worn:  For work about the middle of December, but these photos were taken at the WSBN picnic at Aotea Lagoon in Porirua.

IMG_8787Another one/recommendations:  Well I still really like this pattern and I would be tempted to make another – just to try that fit… I do have some great fabric which might make up the blouse version… It’s a really easy to wear pattern and it has an elasticated waist and pockets – great for that wee bit of Christmas over-indulgence! If you haven’t made one yet, give it a go, it’s actually a really quick pattern with a great result.

Something has obviously made me laugh for this last outtake…



4 thoughts on “Yaletown – the Christmas version!

  1. Interesting isn’t quite the word for that unraveling fabric, is it? (chuckle-chuckle) The fabric is lovely, and looks a treat done up in that pattern! We’ve had that warm weather around here, too, and it reminded me of you and everyone down under! Hope it’s not too hot.

  2. Lovely color and fabric. Looks great on you! (I feel for you on the fraying fabric. I just spent time with a tiny paint brush putting a very thin line of fray stopper around every edge of the pattern pieces for the top I’m making.)

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