Whoa! Are those legs?

Yep, those are my legs and they are clad in a pair of shorts made by me!

IMG_9001So obviously for those in the Northern hemisphere suffering from snow/blizzards/rain/frost/cold (delete as applicable) we are in the summer here and we’ve had some amazing days. It’s been exceedingly dry and we’ve had a few fires. Even in Wellington we’ve had temperatures in the mid-20s (and feeling higher with humidity). So I made some shorts.

IMG_8926Just after Christmas, we were looking forward to going away for a few days to Hawke’s Bay. Now this part of the country often experiences temperatures of the high 20s and into the 30s, so shorts were the answer for a relaxing break!

The pattern is the Katy & Laney Tap Shorts pattern. I had some fabric left over from a shirt I made Mr N for Christmas. Perfect amount left for a pair of shorts! OK, which view to make?

IMG_8928I decided to make front view A with back view 2, so that’s the piped front with the back with welt pockets. I need pockets in shorts! In all my 30-odd years of sewing, I’d never added piping to a seam or made a welt pocket and I decide to add these to a pair of shorts I want made quickly… πŸ™‚

2016-01-29 21.05.15Thinking back to my muslin-ed trousers a couple of years ago, I start to get a bit apprehensive, but I had to go for it. I cut a straight size 12, just lengthening by an inch and I’m so pleased with the fit! It’s like they were made for me πŸ˜‰

IMG_8927The welt pockets went in like a dream, the instructions for these are so clear. Honestly if you really don’t know how to make these, do not panic, these single welts are so simple. I think it probably helped with the great cotton fabric I had to use, which pressed beautifully. I lined them with just a really fine cotton.

pocketThe piping as well, instructions aren’t really needed on inserting piping in a seam, but it is so easy! Why have a never used piping before? Yep, I feel like piping all the things! So I piped the front seams and also the waistband and I made it myself, none of this shop bought stuff for me! Piping the waistband looks great, but I rarely wear tops tucked in, so you can’t see it. It also has meant that my zip doesn’t do up very well, as I obviously didn’t trim off the piping before the seam as I thought I had. I’m not sure if that has contributed to the fact that the zip has also broken… Yep, I need to take out my lovely invisible zip and put in a new one. 😦 And I was so pleased with how well it went in…

2016-01-29 21.14.58I lengthened the shorts by about an inch. I don’t particularly like my legs and making these just that little bit longer makes me feel less self-conscious.

The instructions for making up the shorts were clear and easy to follow. I really enjoyed making them.

IMG_9042The details
Fabric:Β  Grey and white fine striped cotton fabric, I don’t honestly remember where I got it from! It’s left over from a shirt I made Mr N (not blogged). A fine white cotton to line the pockets and make the piping.
Notions:Β  Thread, piping cord, interfacing and an invisible zip (which has since broken!)
Pattern:Β  Katy & Laney Tap Shorts, front view A, back view 2, size 12.
Changes made:Β  All I did was to lengthen it by an inch.
Another one/recommendations:Β  Well the fit of these for me is fantastic and I’m tempted to make another pair – not that I wear shorts much, but, they are handy to have! Is there anyway I can lengthen these to make a pair of trousers? I love them – what, I must be drunk – I love a pair of shorts!

IMG_8923First worn: I first wore these on holiday up in the Hawke’s Bay. It was a hot sunny day and we went wine tasting πŸ™‚ The came out again when we went to Cape Kidnappers to the gannet colony. I’ve worn them for walking up on the hill behind our house. Yep, I need to get that zip fixed ASAP!

PicMonkey Collage shorts


5 thoughts on “Whoa! Are those legs?

  1. Invisible zips – one of me many downfalls. They never seem as sturdy as the older type, and I tend not to use the invisible ones… actually, try not to use zips at all (truth be told!). Hope your replacement goes well. You have nice legs! They just need to get out a bit more. πŸ˜‰

  2. You are looking very comfortable in them by the last photo – and they really look great (legs are fine too btw!) However I’m not so sure you found the gannet colony quite so pleasant – haha – I discovered pelicans up close are also smelly!

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