Juliet cardigan

This is another make from 2015, which never got blogged about! Yes I have made things this year, just check the My Makes page. I’m just behind on my blogging 😉

This pattern is actually from another designer here in NZ. Its from the hand of the Crazy Gypsy’s mother, or The Forgotten Fashionista. However, this pattern is named after our very own Crazy Gypsy 🙂 Definitely keeping it local – did all of that make sense?

IMG_8843Anyway the pattern line is called Apples and Pears, the patterns are available on TradeMe (our Kiwi version of Ebay) and also from Levana, a local fabric store in Levin (which sells the most beautiful merino fabric made in house). The aim of the line is to produce patterns to fit those who are apple shaped and those pear shaped. I first discovered this cardi when the Crazy Gypsy herself wore it for a party. It just looked so comfy and just my style.

447631347It’s a flowing longer line cardi with no fastenings, but the collar is two curved pieces which join at the back on the bottom bodice with a V. On the pattern its described as having “a soft falling collar in the front, and flared back with interesting detail on the back bodice. It can be worn as an open jacket or as a wrap over style.” All Apples and Pears patterns are printed patterns on thick paper. This particular pattern is also sized from 8-26. What I really liked is that the pattern is printed in colour, so it was easy to identify the size to print out.

IMG_5169The instructions were really clear and easy to follow. They followed a logical sequence too. This may be a strange thing to say, but sometimes instructions just suddenly jump onto something else and you wonder why. The seam at the back of the neck on the flounce is actually sewn using a flatfelled seam. This is a nice touch, so that no raw seams show on the final cardi.

IMG_5166I sewed most of this on my overlocker, just finishing a couple of things, such as the flatfelled seam, on my machine. It was also quite a quick make, except for the V at the bottom of the back. I just couldn’t get it to sit flat. It took ages with a mix of hand stitches and machine stitching. It’s still not perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was and I don’t think it shows as much now. It’s just a good job you can’t see the inside!

back vI didn’t finish the edges, my fabric doesn’t fray, so I just made sure there were no strange kinks and left it as is. It’s a long way round that flounce to finish it! The pattern does suggest finishing using a double needle, which I think would finish it nicely.

IMG_8847The details
Fabric:  A grey knit which came from The Fabric Store in November.
Notions:  Thread and some tape to stabilise the shoulders
Pattern:  Apples and Pears Juliet Cardigan, size 16.
Changes made:  None.
Another one/recommendations:  I love the shape and style of this cardigan. It’s so easy to throw on and cosy to wear too. I really need to make another one as yes, it gets a lot of wear. I just need to work out that V at the bottom of the bodice!

IMG_8850First worn:  Some time in December. Photos here at Aotea Lagoon at the WSBN Christmas picnic. It was a really hot sunny day and the last think I wanted to do was wear a cardigan!

And finally a photo with it’s namesake 🙂



6 thoughts on “Juliet cardigan

  1. I’m in love with this pattern! Unfortunately I can’t find it because the links are from quite awhile ago… Can you offer any advice on finding it now? ❤

    1. I’m not sure where it’s available from now. It was available from Levana Fabric Shop in Levin, NZ, but can’t find it on their website. I’ll see if I can contact the designer, she may be able to deal with you directly.

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