Strawberry Kimono

I didn’t intend to make a kimono, but somehow was convinced to make one by thecuriouskiwi. She said she would also make one – I’ve not seen it yet – hint, hint Mel… 🙂

DSC08591There are a few of these kimonos out in the wild, but not many, although since making mine, I’ve seen a couple more. It’s not the sort of thing I would wear in public, but will at home when lazing around. Consequently, I decided to make one out of a novelty print, which I could use for lazing at home. Yes, I really love this version by Lindsay, but even she says she won’t wear it a lot!

DSC08598The pattern is the Asaka kimono from Named Patterns. It’s actually the first Named pattern I’ve made up. For sizing I went by their finished measurements and made up a UK size 14, which would give 3.5 inches worth of ease. It feels more than that, this is perfectly big enough.

DSC08603I decided that the seams would be on view and instead of finishing using my overlocker, I used hug snug, which was so quick and easy to apply. The problem with using this novelty print is that it’s quite a stiff cotton and although is really comfortable to wear, it doesn’t really drape like it should.

DSC08606It’s just those sleeves! Look at them! They are quite a design statement, but they are enormous and a wee bit long for me! And personally they get in the way! I’m considering stitching the bottom corners together, so I have a sleeve with a slit in to put my hands through.

DSC08605bI lengthened the kimono by about 5 inches – this pattern is short. The other problem I experienced was the front armscye, it just seemed really baggy, so I took this in by a wee bit. I’m happier with this fit. Finally I also needed pockets, so I added patch pockets on the front. Just check out the pattern matching on this…

DSC08604The deets
Fabric:  Strawberry print cotton from Spotlight, January 2016.
Notions:  Thread and hug snug to bind the seams
Pattern:  Named Asaka Kimono UK size 14
Changes made:  Lengthened by 5 inches and slightly adjusted the front armscye. I also added patch pockets on the front.
Another one/recommendations:  No, I won’t be making another one of these. There’s only space for one kimono like this in my closet! It’s useful for when I just want to float around the house, I actually like it to take away since it doesn’t take up much space. I would suggest that the fabric is something which drapes really well, this cotton doesn’t drape brilliantly. I do actually think this pattern would look good really short as a blouse. I’m not sure what to do with those sleeves though. I personally think they would get in the way if used as a blouse. As you can see, I’m on the fence with this one, which is probably obvious from my photos! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Strawberry Kimono

  1. Lovely work on this pattern, Nikki, and cute fabric! But that face doesn’t lie, does it! You’re not thrilled. Bless you for sharing it, as you did a great job with pattern matching and adjusting to suit your preferences. A travel piece sounds perfectly plausible as sleeves might not be such an issue away from the house. (Do you think a blouse with elbow length sleeves in a soft cotton or rayon might be interesting?)

    1. Ha ha, yep, I’m not convinced! A blouse might work, but shorter sleeves would be a big problem as the armscye is so low! The whole pattern would be a lot better in a softer cotton or rayon though. It’s made to drape.

  2. Great pattern matching & fun print! I think the sleeves would look nice stitched together at the wrist as you mentioned, possibly at 3/4 length. Though not as drapey as a traditional kimono, I bet that cotton is cool and crisp in the summer heat.

    1. Thanks, I do love the fabric, which definitely improves my liking the pattern! I’m definitely considering stitching those sleeves at the wrists and possibly shortening them, I keep sitting on them at the moment! The fabric is great in this warmer weather we’ve been having!

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