Silk green onyx

I’ve made another top. I’ve been looking at this pattern for a while and then decided to go for it and buy it! I thought it would make a difference from the umpteen Belcarra’s I have in my wardrobe!

IMG_9181This green fabric is a silk I got from the Fabric Warehouse in January this year. It was one of those pieces not destined to be in stash for a long time. I love the darker green centres of the flowers which are cream. It’s a really subtle pattern.

IMG_4467So if you haven’t guessed already, this is Paprika Patterns Onyx shirt. I cut out a size 6, which should have fitted me, so I didn’t bother with a muslin, I just cut it out. I stitched the main bodice together with a basting stitch to try it out. The fit was awful! Far too big around the bust and waist and tight over the hips. It looked like a sack of potatoes! (Well I thought it did!) This pattern has about 4″ ease around the bust!

IMG_9187So, I took in the bust in by about 2″, the waist by 4″ and let out the hips. The fit is definitely better now!

IMG_9194The cuffs were really simple to put together, and with this fabric were a breeze. They are a great touch and I love the epaulets. The difficult part was choosing the buttons for the aforementioned epaulets!

IMG_9214The instructions, as with the Jade skirt, were really simple and easy to follow, I honestly don’t think they can be improved. The only problem I’ve found is that the cuffs are only stitched down at the under arm seam. The first time I washed it, the cuff came completely unfolded and it was a nightmare to iron it flat again. I would recommend stitching down the cuff, just using a catch stitch near the epaulet to keep that fold while it’s washed.

IMG_9208The deets
Fabric:  Pale green silk with cream and dark green flowers from the Fabric Warehouse, January 2016.
Notions:  Thread, interfacing and buttons. All seams are finished using my overlocker.
Pattern:  Paprika Patterns Onyx shirt, view A, size 6
Changes made:  None really, except to take in a bit at the waist and let out at the hips.
Another one/recommendations:  I probably need to sort the fit out a wee bit more, as it just doesn’t sit right on the hips if I don’t tuck it in. I’m also not completely convinced about the slightly dropped shoulder, but I’ve only worn it a couple of times one of which was a really hot day and I was sweltering! I like it, I’m just slightly on the fence with how the sleeves fit me. I’ll need to wear it more to check properly how it fits. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really nice pattern and a great addition to my wardrobe and I like the pattern enough to give it another go with some adjustments.

IMG_9217First worn:  For photos here in Otari Wilton’s Bush down near the Troop Picnic Lawn with some of the WSBN girls. It’s worn here with my Tania culottes. When you’re posing on a bridge in the park you have to say hello to dogs out for their walkIMG_9189Oh and you just have to pretend to be Baby from Dirty Dancing! But I didn’t carry a watermelon, I carried a picnic pie…



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