Sew (not) over it!

My love affair with the need for at least one of ALL indie patterns in my collection continues! I’d not even purchased a Sew Over It pattern until this year, although I’ve spent numerous occasions drooling over their patterns and getting the credit card out, then putting it away again once I see the postage to NZ… Yeah, I know a lot are available as a PDF, but I hate printing and sticking patterns together with a passion. Finally my credit card gave in and I got this as a PDF (yes, you read that right!)

IMG_7756So this is my first ever Sew Over It pattern, the Cowl neck dress. You like my new little number?

IMG_7743I got this fabric from Mel at Fabric-a-Brac at the beginning of May this year. It’s a cotton knit and there was only 165 cm by 1.25 m, which is considerably less than the 1.9 m recommended, but I decided not to worry about the direction of the fabric and there was just enough! I was determined it was going to make this dress up 🙂

IMG_7670I love the colour and I feel good in it. The pattern is really quick and easy to put together. There are just four pieces, a front, a back and two sleeves. Most of it went together on my overlocker and the hems for the sleeves, neck and bottom were finished using the twin needle on my machine. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and have photos which I really like.

IMG_7691I cut a size 14 and I think the fit is great. This was based on my measurements.

My cowl neck is not great. The pattern instructions tell you to finish the neck, but to be honest, I think the double layer ruins the way my cowl sits, I think it might have been better without finishing the front cowl my fabric doesn’t fray much and would have been fine left as is.

IMG_7725So my gripe is with the PDF pattern. Yes I was expecting to print 40 pages, it says that. This is not my gripe, it’s the fact that there are wasted pages, I think about four or five printed and weren’t needed. There is also no “map” of the pages and how they print. Finally the test square is separate rather than included in one of the patterns pieces.

IMG_7677The details
Fabric:  Cotton knit from The Curious Kiwi at Fabric-a-Brac, May 2016
Notions:  Thread
Pattern:  Sew Over It Cowl Neck Dress, size 14
Changes made:  None
First worn:  For lunch with the girls at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar, photos at the cinema and with my mate Gandalf and along the road to Shelly Bay, Wellington.

IMG_7707Another one/recommendations:  I love this, I’ve got some more fabric already which is calling out to be made into another one! The fit is great and it’s quick and easy to make up. If you want a quick project, this is the one.

IMG_7714The fact this is new to me, means I can put this up for Indie Pattern Month New to Me contest on The Monthly Stitch…


4 thoughts on “Sew (not) over it!

  1. Hi, Nikki ~ great to see you! D’you think your next cowl will be without that doubled (lined, or whatever it is) cowl? I’ve been looking for a cowl-necked something, and this might be it. But with our heat & humidity I’m not doubling **any**thing. Thanks! xx

    1. The cowl itself isn’t doubled its just the edge of the cowl is finished with a small hem using a double needle which means the fabric is doubled at the edge.

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