Shoes as inspiration

I have these shoes which I bought about a year ago. I love the colour of them and consequently am constantly looking for things to wear with them.

img_8473 I was looking through my stash and suddenly remembered this beautiful hand printed silk I bought in Thailand when we were last there in 2013.

img_8495My initial thought was to make a Sewaholic Pendrell, then decided I didn’t want to cut up that beautiful pattern with a pattern using princess seams. I ended up going with another Sewaholic Belcarra. Yes, it’s simple, but it shows off the fabric to it’s best advantage. And for me, I know the pattern works and fits, so I didn’t need to panic about making it up.

img_0455I made view B which is the option with the tucks on the shoulders. This fabric was really slippery to work with and my tucks, IMO, are not perfect, but they look fine in the photos. I’m just hyper critical!

img_8470There’s not really much else to say about the top. To finish the neckline I used a dark red bias tape. Most of the seams are French seamed, but around the cuffs, I finished the seam using my overlocker.

img_0456The deets
Fabric:  Pink hand printed silk, bought in Pattaya, Thailand, April 2013.
Thread and bias binding.
Sewaholic Belcarra, view B, size 12
Changes made: 
Another one/recommendations: 
Mm, this is my, erm, fifth Belcarra! Need I say any more? No I doubt it’ll be my last, I love the shape, the fit and the fact that it can look fab out of all types of material!

img_0494The other part of this outfit is also new! I decided a while ago that I wanted a black circle skirt for the winter which would also transition through spring. Strangely I’ve only made one circle skirt before and could I find my pattern? I had to do some maths (happy Nikki) and work out the pattern again. (And don’t tell me to use one of the many calculators available, I am too fat for them because they say so… Basically they say I can’t make a circle skirt because the fabric isn’t made wide enough! Bugger that!) This is actually a 3/4 circle and fortunately since the fabric is plain I could place some pattern pieces upside now and no one will notice.

img_0461 The skirt has just side seams, no centre front and no centre back. Both were cut on the fold. The zip is a lapped zipper in the left side. The waistband is just a self-drafted straight waistband made to the size of the pre-made waistband stiffening I have.

img_0453The deets
Fabric:  Black cotton gaberdine from the Fabric Warehouse, bought July/August I think
Thread, zip, waistband interfacing and a hook and eye for the fastening.
Self-drafted 3/4 circle skirt using the details on this page
Changes made: 
None, It’s self-drafted 🙂
Another one/recommendations: 
No doubt I will make another circle skirt in the future. I honestly think it’s just as simple to draft your own rather than buy a pattern. As long as you let them hang so the hem drops out on the bias seams. This gaberdine was beautiful to make up, it dropped very little and it hangs like a dream. It’s given me a skirt to feel really girly in and I can twirl in it too 🙂




8 thoughts on “Shoes as inspiration

  1. Lovely! Lovely all the way, from bottom to top. And what do they mean, no fabric is wide enough? A circle skirt is a circle skirt regardless of how it’s put together. Personally I’m in favour of seams, because pockets! And you ned a place to put the zipper too. Stupid calculator makers. Besides, there IS fabric available, that could make you a no-side-seam circle skirt so long you’d be unable to walk in it, so duh. (Did you notice that “too fat” provoked me a teeny bit? Lol)

    1. Ha ha, I know what you mean, but if I use the BHL app for circle skirts, unless I make it so short you see everything then basically they don’t even think about different seam options or anything, it states the fabric isn’t wide enough. Interpreted as too fat for a circle skirt – according to BHL… And yes, if I wanted to I could buy cotton sheeting and dye it – that is way wider than normal fabric.

  2. Sometimes instructions just don’t work. I have a problem with skirt slopers – the front darts don’t work and in the end I make them smaller or just leave them out! Beautiful fabric – this is most inspiring Belcarra I’ve seen.

    1. You’re right there. Sometimes it’s just easier to go with gut instinct rather than instructions!
      Thank you for the lovely comment about the Belcarra, it feels beautiful to wear. I’m in danger of ruining it through wearing it too much!

  3. Lovely makes, Nikki, and a great inspiration for using that silk. (Love the shoes!)
    Are you okay after that “incident”?? I know what a rolling earthquake is like, having been in one in Northern California, but not for 3 minutes. Y.U.C.K. Sending lots of prayers & love. 💕 xxxx

    1. Yep, those shoes were a great buy!
      We’re OK after the events last week, thanks for asking. Two days later it flooded really badly so the city was cut off. We had no damage at home. The city high rises didn’t fair so well and a couple will need to be demolished. I still find them tough having spent most of my life in the UK with none at all.

      1. Understand what you mean. Was in the Loma Prieta (Calif, 7.something?) and remember what that was like from only a 2nd story. All those dear peeps in those high rises… xxxx

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