More wardrobe staples…

I’ve spent some time over the past few months to make some staples for my wardrobe, in the form of tops, skirts and shrugs.

img_1378Yes, these are all something I’ve made before, but I’m trying to make a record of makes and any changes I make, plus I’m also interested to see which patterns become TNT patterns for me.

Tahi Shrug

I made one of these when I was lucky enough to test the pattern. Even though that one is in a black fluffy knit, it gets a lot of wear and I really wanted some more.

img_1401The red version is a stretch lace which I think was a remnant from The Fabric Warehouse. There’s still oodles left, which I’m planning on using for something else. The sleeves were from the selvedge and I trimmed around the edge to give the scalloped edge.

img_1380Although this version looks dressy, I love to wear it as a vest cover up in the summer. This pattern uses so little fabric, it’s possible to get it out of a very little.

img_1384Cue my second Tahi shrug… I picked up this remnant from Kat the other weekend. Immediately it had to be a shrug. I was determined it had to work. It meant I needed to seam the centre back, but I still have a shrug!

img_1407This one is like my first and has 3/4 sleeves. I love this length of sleeve, I don’t need to push it up to get it out of the way, plus it gives some more warmth than a short sleeve. The fabric also means this one is really warm and I nearly lost it to Kat when we were taking these photos.

img_1404The deets
Fabrics:  Red stretch lace (Fabric Warehouse), blue poly knit (from Kat)
Notions:  Thread and tape for the shoulder seams
Pattern:  Muse Patterns Tahi Shrug, size 40, one with the short sleeve, the other gathered top 3/4 sleeve
Changes made:  None
Another one/recommendations:  These are shrugs 2 and 3, do I need to say how good this pattern is?

img_1411Layered skirt

I made this skirt ages ago, so excuse me if I get some of my details wrong. The pattern is my self-drafted pencil skirt – if you ask me one of the easiest patterns to draft on your own.

img_1396The pattern I first drafted some years ago when I was in the UK. This version here is made with a navy cotton eyelet. The lining is some polyester which Sandra gave me as a leftover. I think she used it for a coat lining. I quite like this multi-coloured floral lining under the plain fabric.

img_1387The selvedges were plain fabric with no eyelets. I used this to make up the waistband. The zip is a centred zip and I used a purple button from my button box.

img_1385The deets
Fabrics:  Navy blue cotton eyelet (not sure where from), floral polyester lining (from Sandra)
Notions:  Thread, interfacing for the waistband and a centred zip
Pattern:  Self-drafted pencil skirt
Changes made:  It’s my pattern, I do as I like, but no, this is the pattern with no changes.
Another one/recommendations:  Drafting a pencil skirt is the easiest thing ever, imo. There will always be more of these in my wardrobe. If you want to try making your own, I would go for it.

img_1366And if you were wondering these photos were taken in Newlands here in Wellington at a children’s pay area near Brandon Rock with Kat and Sandra. Yes it was sunny and very windy, but we had fun playing on the swings and playground.



5 thoughts on “More wardrobe staples…

  1. I love your colorful shrugs! I was just thinking the other day that I need a couple to go with a sleeveless dress I have. Going to have to check out that pattern!

  2. Great staples, your skirt is fab and I love those shrugs, definitely something I need in my summer wardrobe, the lace one is gorgeous

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