Wonderful, wonderful Kastrup

Slight play on a song tune there. Kastrup is a part of Copenhagen, Denmark (and the home of the main airport) and so “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen; friendly old girl of a town” etc. OK enough of that!

How to do Fashion is a new independent label for me. It was months ago when one of the WSBN who first asked the group about them on our group facebook page. After that, I was hooked. I had to have one, if not three of the patterns! I love the style of these patterns. Nanna is based in Denmark, but don’t let that worry you. All patterns have been translated into English. The printed patterns come beautifully packaged in an A4 folder tied up. They are printed on thick glossy paper which are double sided, so you will need to trace some pieces. Instructions for her patterns are all online, they’re not included in with the patterns. She also adds instructions for fitting problems, such as a sway back, etc.

So this is the first of Nanna’s patterns I’ve made up (albeit a while after buying the patterns!) and I was definitely impressed. I didn’t make up a muslin, but cut straight into this olive green textured silk I picked up from Fabric-a-Brac at some point! How brave is that? I kinda thought with a centre back seam and princess seams I could play around with the fit if it didn’t work out. I didn’t need to worry, this is a size EU 42 straight out of the tin (or the pattern envelope!)

I made up version No 1, it’s fitted with sleeves. The instructions I found really easy to follow. I’ve seen some comments saying the armhole facing is confusing to add. Mine has been fine, but perhaps not finished as tidily as I’d like. It’s taken to number three to get it finished as I’d like! I honestly found it a breeze and a pleasure to make up. Nanna has also added some additional videos and instructions for some points, just in case you’re unsure, such as how to make a thread loop for the button.

The construction is slightly different in that the neck facings are attached to the bodice pieces before attaching the sleeves. The sleeves are double layered. Then there’s a proper facing for the underarm part of the armhole rather than bias binding. I quite like this facing, it gives a nice finish.

The only thing which isn’t so good with this version, my fabric is really see through and so the facing, particularly at the neck, is really visible, I really should have doubled up the fabric. However, this was intended to be a wearable muslin, and the fabric hadn’t cost me much.

The blouse has a long split on the back of the neck done up with a button and a loop. I guess if you wanted you could use a zip up the back, but I like the button. I thought originally it would be too low and show scaffolding off, but it’s the perfect length!

The deets
Fabric:  Olive green textured silk with brown flowers, which I think came from Fabric-a-Brac (it’s been in my stash a while!)
Notions:  Thread, interfacing and a button from stash.
Pattern:  How to do fashion Kastrup blouse, version 1, size EU 42
Changes made:  It’s shorter than the original since I ran out of fabric 🙂
Another one/recommendations:  I love this, I actually cut out another straight after and have made it up, and as I’ve mentioned number 3 is on it’s way! 🙂 This is turning into a go-to pattern. This has had a lot of wear already.

Number two I made up straight after finishing this one. The fabric is a white cotton with pale blue spots made from the silk thread running up the reverse of the fabric. The fabric is one which came from my mother’s stash when she died two years ago. I had plenty and so this top is longer. So number two has become another staple in my wardrobe and as I mentioned earlier, number three is on the cards is nearly finished…

Photos were taken when I went away for a sewing weekend with the girls and we stayed at a bach called The Love Shack! It was very sunny and taking photos was difficult! They include this one which I have to include on pain of death. I looked down at my bare knees in my skirt and decided they looked like there was fat on them, obviously this photo proves there isn’t. The moral of this story, is do not look down, look in a mirror, or get someone to take a photo… 🙂





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