McCalls 6696

At the beginning of June, I kind of thought I’d try to write out some blog posts – it’s blogging June, but it’s taken me this long to write something up!

This is one of my #2019makenine and by the looks of the photos I took them around two months ago when it was still warm and before winter arrived.

This is McCalls 6696 which I have had in my collection since forever. The fabric too is something I’ve had slowly maturing in stash for some time.

The good thing about making something which is so popular is that there are so many reviews online to check out, which means it’s possible to get a pretty good fit without lots of trial and error. I like that! So my main thing to do was to get rid of some fo the fullness in the back. Many have mentioned this is just too full in the back, so I removed 1.25″ from the back and decided to use a single pleat rather than gather. It’s still quite full at the waist, but I’m much happier with how it looks at where it’s attached to the yoke.

The other thing I did was to lower the darts. This is standard for me. My girls sit low and I often have to lower darts. So these were lowered by 3/4″ and I also lengthened the bodice by the same amount, since I’m slightly longer in the waist than many patterns are drafted for.

Those are all the changes I made and I even followed the instructions! I’ve made any number of shirts for Mr N and I have to say the collar on this went together so much better than the collars on his shirts. There were no issues with the pleats on the skirt either.

Even though I made this towards the end of our summer, it’s had a lot of wear. I’m still thinking of ways to wear this in the winter. The fabric is quite a fine cotton voile which originally came from the Fabric Store some time ago. It has elephants on! And for those who know me, elephants are good things and you can never have enough!


All in all with elephants, lovely soft fabric in a fab colour and a great dress, there’s nothing to dislike for me. Oh and this dress has pockets too! In seam pockets are drafted in this pattern.

The details
Fabric:  Fine cotton with elephants embroidered marching across the fabric from The Fabric Store, some time ago.
Notions:  Thread, interfacing, metal buttons (from Pete’s Emporium) and bias binding from stash..
Pattern:  McCalls 6696, size 16, C cup.
Changes made:  Extended bodice by 3/4″, lowering the bust darts by the same amount. Took 1 1/4″ out of the centre back and pleated this top and bottom rather than gathered.
Another one/recommendations:  Why it took me so long to make up, I don’t know. I’ve been intending to make this up in this fabric for ages. Oh well, I’m happy now. I have a fab dress I can wear. I definitely recommend this pattern, but have reservations about the back as full as drafted. It’s definitely too full and I recommend removing some of this fullness.

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