Itch to Stitch Newport top

I have a number of Itch to Stitch patterns (ahem, eight!), but the only one I’ve made up is the Lindy Petal Skirt. Time to change that! This is the Newport top, described as one garment you won’t regret making…

I made this after realising I had a gap in my wardrobe for a light coloured (read cream or white) merino top. Rather than make another Sewaholic Renfrew, change a Muse Jenna cardi into a top or make a Papercut Ensis from single fabric, I thought I’d try something new. Why try something which works? Well I had the pattern in stash and decided I’d give it a go.

The neckline was the part of the design which caught my attention, I thought it would make a change from the normal round necked tops and I love these boat necklines. My merino was also perfect to provide some drape which is needed.

I cut a size 12 based on my high bust measurement. That was a mistake. There is so much ease in this top that I ended up taking it in. The main body was so big! I made up the long sleeves but shortened these to straitght ¾ length pretty soon after sewing the seam, I knew straight off that bell shaped sleeves would be a pain. This is a before photo below which is too big.

I ended up taking in the side seams by about ¾ inch each side. It fits a lot better now. I wasn’t so sure about the neckline too when I first made it up. I’m still not completely convinced by the neckline, but I have to say this top has been worn a lot since I made it, and I mean a lot! It has been a great addition to my wardrobe and I don’t think that is just because it’s a cream coloured merino top! I think it’s actually growing on me!

The details
Fabric:  Cream merino knit. I’m unsure where from, it’s been in my stash for a while.
Notions:  Lightweight knit interfacing
Pattern:  Itch to Stitch Newport top, size 12
Changes made:  I took it in by about 3/4″ on the side seams and also shortened the long straight sleeves to 3/4 length sleeves.

Another one/recommendations:  This is a really good simple pattern. It’s easy to make up and the neckline is really effective. Although I wasn’t sure of this originally, this top has been in high rotation since I made it up.

4 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Newport top

  1. Looks lovely, I really like the neckline! Did you get the impression the company runs big to size, or the bigness was from how you worked out what size to cut? (I’ve got a few of her patterns and haven’t tried any, though I want to soon!)

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