Simplicity 2444

Time to attempted to blog all of the Make Nine items I’ve made up before the end of the year and perhaps blog some makes which haven’t been blogged. Mm, well, I guess if consciously attempt to type up posts and take photos and post regularly, I might actually make it. So here goes. Here’s the first of them.

Simplicitiy 2444 is a pattern I’ve had in my stash since I started sewing reguarly again, over ten years ago. It’s now out of print, but was one of the Pattern Runway patterns with lots of options. You’ll find the dress I made in 2010 here. This was the only version I made of this pattern and it’s been sat maturing in my stash since. Then back in July this year, I was invited to attend the NZ Children’s and Young Adult Book Awards with a theme of neon candy. Well to be honest I’m not sure what neon candy is and really hadn’t a clue, until a friend of mine posted in a FB fabric group that she was selling this fabric. Oh yeah, not really neon, but candy definitely.

I couldn’t wait for that fabric to arrive! What I needed was a fit and flare pattern and considered buying the Sew Over It Betty dress, then I realised I had the perfect pattern already in stash. Welcome back Simplicity 2444!

I’ve learned a bit more since 2010! I made the dress up in its simplest form, ie no collar, no sleeves and no front bow. I ended up lengthening the bodice by ¾ inch and actually lowered the bust darts by the same amount, so the length kinda went between the armscye and the top of the darts. I also lengthened the skirt by a couple of inches. My previous version of this dress has since gone, as I’ve put on a bit of weight, but it was quite a bit shorter than the length I prefer now.

The skirt pieces were too wide, so I had to piece corners on these. That’s all good, I’m the queen of pattern matching. 🙂

So for the Awards evening, I wore this dress with a green cardigan (very old RTW from Monsoon) and my Liquorice Allsorts Sapporo coat made earlier in the year.

I also gave the dress another outing for our Wellington Frocktails about a month later. This time I borrowed a multicoloured floof from Sandra.

You may be thinking that neither Simplicity 2444 or this smarties looking fabric have nothing to do with my Make Nine, well rather conveniently, I shall segway to our LIANZA (Library and Information Association New Zealand Aotearoa) conference dinner. The dinner had a GLAM/Awards theme, but the whole conference was open to and encouraged our partners from the Pacific Islands to attend and so I decided I needed to make something for a Pacifica theme. Queue this fabric I bought in Hawai’i a couple of years ago, which just happens to be part of my Make Nine! Ha, got there!

Originally with this fabric, I’d thought to buy the Emery dress and then I thought, what am I doing, Simplicity 2444 fits, I have it in my stash and I’ve made it before. Perfect. And so we have exactly the same rendition of this pattern as before, just the simple sleeveless bodice and pleated skirt. I just love the boatneck and the pleated skirt. I also love those diagonal double darts on the front bodice which provide the shape and mean there’s no need for a side dart.

Again I had to pattern match the skirt, but as much as I panic beforehand, as long as I sit down with time and not feeling pressured, I can get these matched easily now.

For this conference, I wore my own white floof I made some time ago, my black Tahi shrug and was given this frangipani lai to wear. There was also a frangipani in my hair! 🙂

The deets
Fabrics:  Possibly a quilting cotton covered in Smarties from Juliet and also a red cotton fabric covered in frangipanis bought from Fabric Mart in Hawai’i back in January 2017.

Notions:  Thread, dress zip for the black version and an invisible zip for the red version, some interfacing for neck facings.
Pattern:  Simplicity 2444, size 16, basic version with no collar, no sleeves and no front bow.
Changes made:  Bodice lengthened by 3/4″, darts lowered by same amount. Oh and pockets added to the side seams, because pockets.

Another one/recommendations:  This is another TNT pattern now for me and I think will be a great go to. I’ve got it fetting really well and it looks good on. No doubt I’ll find some more fabric to find another. I don’t think I’ll use the collar again, it’s possibly not me any more, but those short sleeves are quite cute and might be a good addition. I’d definitely recommend this if you can get hold of it. I love the double darts in the front bodice and also the overlapping please in the front of the skirt. Don’t forget to add those pockets to the skirt though!

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