After the success of #2019MakeNine (why is the hashtag the other way around this year?) I’m definitely going to do this again this year. So since Christmas, I’ve been umming and ahhing about what I can make, what I want to make and also ways in which I can use up my stash again. I find that choosing fabrics for my Make Nine, means I use my stash rather than buying something new.

I will admit, last year I did buy new fabric, so I really want to keep on top of my fabric, sewing and blogging. All fabric (I think) is now recorded in Evernote, as are all my patterns. I have also now set up a Trello board to record what I’m planning on sewing, WIPs and also blogging. Wonder how long this organisation will last? Anyway, here it is

Project One:  Gym tops
I’m in need of some more tops for the gym and pilates, so these are high on my agenda. I’ve made one Cashmerette Spruce top (not yet blogged) so intend to make another. I’ve also a RTW top which I really like, so that is going to be copied. I have performance knits in stash, so I’m sorted. No additional costs involved (in theory!)

Spruce top

Project Two:  Navy jacket
This navy fabric actually has a wee bit of sparkle running through it. It’s been in my stash for some time… I’ve been determined to make a jacket out of it for a long time, so this will be the year. I’m considering the Decades of Style Three’s a Charm jacket, which I have in my collection, but there’s always something different. I love jackets with no collars and ¾ sleeves, so this one above fits the bill perfectly.

Project Three:  Papercut Axis Dress
I’ve had this pattern pretty much since it was released and am itching to make it up. It’s even printed out ready to muslin, so I can’t wait to get on to this one. I have a couple of fabrics in mind, actually maybe three, so we’ll see how the muslin and first version goes!

Axis dress

Project Four:  Cream and black striped knit
I got this knit as a remnant from Tessuti. There’s loads of it and it has such a lovely hand. This will definitely be made into one (or two) things this year. May be an Ensis tee, or a Renfrew, or may be a Gable top. All three of these I have made multiple times and love all of them.

Project Five:  Papercut Meridian dress in purple velvet
Fabric and pattern already matched for this one! I have some purple velvet in stash which I nearly got rid of, but then some friends said it was so me, I had to keep it and why not make a Meridian dress. It may be interesting, since the velvet has some stretch, and the Meridian is drafted for woven fabrics, but I can’t get the image out of my head, so it’s going to work somehow!

Meridian dress

Project Six:  Wine coloured linen
Another Tessuti purchase. This linen is beautiful and a real burgundy wine colour. It’s definitely crying out to be either a skirt or a fitted dress. I’ve not yet decided, there’s 2.5m, so loads to play with. This colour just doesn’t do it justice to be honest. But I’m either thinking a Fantail skirt, Tahi skirt or this amazing Vogue dress I’ve had in my collection for a while.

Project Nine:  Papercut Pallisade Pants/Shorts
Don’t faint, but I have pants/shorts in my Make Nine! Shock horror, wonders will never cease! I really am not a big fan of pants and only have a couple of pairs of shorts which I wear, mainly because I just hate my legs. Although, strangely, I wear leggings with long tops? I’m sure if I had a decent pair of trousers/pants/whatever which fit then I’d feel a whole lot better. I love the look of the Pallisade. The pocket on the side seam I think looks awesome and it has an elasticated waist. Let’s see if I can make these work. You never know I could use the wine coloured linen?

Pallisade pants

Project Eight:  Cream/navy crepe
I’m determined to sew up my Tessuti purchases to prove their worth! Yep, this is another one from that amazing store in Melbourne. I’m not really sure what to make with this yet, but it’s destined to be a top of some description. I have 1.5m of 150 wide, so lots. I have some Lekala patterns which might work, or possibly the Designer Stitch Synthia top, which I’ve made successfully before.

Project Seven:  Cashmerette Cedar top
To go with my gym tops as a cover up, and also a couple of knit tops to wear as everyday, I have this in my collection. I bought it when it was originally a single pattern with the workout top and am thinking now it’s time to make it up. I have no end of knits in my stash, but have a lot of rayon knit in grey and white which will work for wearable muslins.

Cedar top

So that is this year’s Make Nine. Again a mix of patterns and fabrics. A lot of Indie Patterns. For this year, pretty much everything, even the patterns from my collection, I can pair up with fabric from stash. You never know, I may be able to really cut down on my purchases! (Why do I have a pattern collection and a fabric stash? Answers on a postcard please!)

I think that’s enough to be going on with. I have a cardigan I’m in the process of knitting and will most likely make more small human clothes at some point, well my granddaughter needs gifts for her first birthday in July! 🙂

However, before I start, I have a very important task which is just going around in my head. I cannot help but think of my relatives, friends and colleagues across the ditch (the Tasman sea) in Australia. I have been quite affected by this, although everyone I know is safe. I have already said I will help out at a crafting bee locally here in NZ in a couple of weeks, but will also be making stuff here at home to help the Animal Rescue Craft Guild. I don’t have packets of money to donate, but have fabric and sewing skills and so this is my support for what we affectionately call West Island.

One thought on “#MakeNine2020

  1. Being one who gets whims for this or that, usually depending on ever-changing weather, I really admire you for making your plans and accomplishing them. Well done you❣️

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