Lekala 4664

I’ve a few Lekala patterns in my collection now. I only really discovered them about two years ago. I like their designs and the patterns are inexpensive. I think this is my third make and there are a couple more not yet blogged.

  There are a number of different options when buying their patterns. Their PDF patterns can be delivered in one of eight standard sizes or you can add your own measurements and get a pattern drafted to fit you. An additional option is to have seam allowances added. I always get the patterns using my measurements and with the seam allowances (I’m useless at adding seam allowances.) This is blouse pattern number 4664. It has pleats at the neckline, a pleated front and short sleeves.

The fabric is an Atelier Brunette cotton gauze “Terrazo Night” which I bought from Miss Maude at Fabric-a-Brac in Carterton a couple of years ago. It was a remnant, but it’s such a beautiful fabric and I couldn’t resist it.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if there would be enough to make this top. Lekala patterns have no fabric requirements, so you basically have to play around with the fabric of choice to see if it fits.

The line drawing for this pattern has a centre tuck, very similar to the Colette Sorbetto, but strangely, it doesn’t match up like a tuck and I could not work out how to stitch that front tuck without the stitches showing on the front, so in the end I just set it like a pleat and then added the other pleats at the side. This is why the front looks different to the line drawing.

Apart from the issue with the front tuck, I didn’t make any changes. The instructions for Lekala patterns are very basic, so I just took a quick glance through the half page of instructions and left it at that!

The deets
Fabric:  Atelier Brunette cotton gauze “Terrazo Night” from Miss Maude at Fabric-a-Brac Carterton, Wairarapa July 2018
Notions:  Interfacing for the neck facing and thread
Pattern:  Lekala blouse 4664, sized to fit me
Changes made:  I removed the front tuck because I couldn’t work out how the tuck would stay in the fabric without being stitched. Apart from that, no changes were made.
Another one/recommendations:  I have worn this blouse so much. The fit isn’t great over the top of the arms and if that front tuck was there it would fit a whole lot better in the front, but it doesn’t mean I wear it any less.

Whether I make another one, I’m not sure yet. If I could suss out that front tuck, then maybe I’d give it another go. But hey, I have a blouse in my wardrobe which I love to wear.

One thought on “Lekala 4664

  1. You’re right, it reminds me of the Sorbetto, too, and that fabric is lovely! Too bad about the front pleat problem, but it looks just fine, whatever you did. Stay safe! 😘

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