Art Deco Fringe dress

Next in line from the Art Deco festival is this fringe style party dress.

This wasn’t originally on the plan of things to make until a local friend said she had this feathery fabric at home which she’d bought for children’s dress ups, but probably wasn’t going to use. So she gave this to me, along with another piece in a green and yellow colourway. I’m not sure the other colourway is really me, but you never know!

So straight away, I thought this would be perfect for the one-hour dress pattern. The one-hour dress pattern is basically a T-shirt shape with gathered side skirt panels cut as a single piece with the bodice. The idea at it could be sewn up in an hour, but by the time you might add on sleeves, lace, ribbons, etc they definitely can take longer than an hour. I’m not a fashion historian, so definitely won’t go into the details for fear of getting them incorrect, so I recommend checking out posts from The Dreamstress and Festive Attire.

Rather than copy the Orageuse Lisboa top again, I decided to use the neckline and top of the bodice of Simplicity 2444, but added some side bust darts (these aren’t visible on the right side with this fabric). Then I cut pretty much straight down from the armholes (with a slight curve for the waist) to around the hipline and then extended the side seam out right to the selvedge. At that hipline I then cut in to mid-thigh so that I could sew up the side seams and then stitch across those hip seams.

I pretty much followed this image on Festive Attire’s blog post.

The skirt is gathered on to the bodice at the sides. 

I’ve ended up with a slightly unflattering dress, which might look better if it was a more simple fabric and a ribbon or something attached round the whole hipline.

I finished the neckline with some pale pink bias binding, this seemed the easiest and path of least resistance with such fabric! The  other seams are not finished and the hem has been left completely unfinished too. It doesn’t fray, which is perfect.

With this fabric, the feathery fringes were relatively easy to keep away from the seams, but I still had a lot of fluff on the floor after cutting this out and making up!

I wore this for a dinner out one evening. It was round on the north side of Napier, past the port and near the marina in an area called Ahuriri. The dinner was really lovely and we had a beautiful view of the sunset. Mr N dressed up with a wing collared shirt, waistcoat (which I made, but not blogged), bow tie and the obligatory braces.

I wore it with a scarf which was a gift from my brother-in-law and Chinese wife, who live in China.

I also had a headband, borrowed from a friend. We finished the evening heading into town and partying the night away with a couple of other friends!

The details
Fabric:  Orange/pink feathery type fabric, a gift from a friend
Notions:  Pale pink bias binding from stash
Pattern:  Self-drafted, neckline and armholes loosely based on Simplicity 2444 and the rest based on the one-hour dress pattern from Festive Attire
Changes made:  None, since this is self-drafted 🙂
Another one/recommendations:  Not really sure what to put here! I might use the pattern to make up another art deco style dress (if we go again!). I might also take in the side seams to give a bit more shape. I think this would look better with some kind of ribbon around the hip seam level to break up the long front and back.

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