Grainline Morris Blazer

This is another of those “I made this a while ago” items. I think I finished it around 12-18 months ago.

I was looking for a blazer which would act as a casual jacket. There are a number of Grainline Morris Blazers out in the wild. It is described on the website as a “perfect mix of casual and cool. With a mixture of drape and structure, bracelet length sleeves, and gentle shawl collar, it looks great dressed up or down. It works up well in fabrics with stretch, making it comfortable on top of everything else!”

I had this pale green ponte left I bought some time ago to make this Paprika Jade skirt. There’s still some left even after making this jacket, but that’s another story! I thought since I really like the colour of the skirt that it would work well as a jacket. I’m actually not convinced, it just seems slightly wrong when I put it up against skirts or dresses! I also had vague ideas that I could wear the skirt and jacket as a suit, but no, they do not work together on my body!

I love the idea of this jacket, it’s relaxed and comfy (thanks stretch fabric!), but can still look smart (thanks ponte!)

I also really like the shawl collar, the shape is perfect and sits really well.

I was so careful with the top stitching and started from the centre back and still it’s not sitting flat. This really frustrates me. It’s an issue I’ve seen across the board. I have one side which sits perfectly and the other obviously has gone out of shape. I even used a walking foot to try to alleviate this, nope it did not work.

The other thing I’m not completely convinced by is the sleeve length. These sleeves aren’t full length and don’t sit just below the elbow on me. I think I would have done better to shorten them. Looking at the images on the Grainline website, the sleeves are way longer on me than on the sample versions. I think I probably have shorter arms than most patterns, but haven’t actually worked out by how much or what the standard arm length is. To be honest I’m not really sure what bracelet length is.

At least with the stretch I can shift these sleeves up to sit just below the elbow where I like them. Which I quite like since it makes the jacket look relaxed and casual.

Apart from the hassles with trying to get both front pieces to sit flat, I don’t remember any issues with the pattern per se. It made up pretty quickly.

The details
Fabric:  Pale green ponte knit, originally from The Fabric Warehouse, July 2017, leftover from this skirt
Notions:  Interfacing for the facings
PatternGrainline Studio Morris Blazer, size 16 based on full bust measurement
Changes made:  None
Another one/recommendations:  Mm, not sure. I love the whole relaxed feel of this jacket, it looks smart, but can also be pretty casual made from the knit fabric. The sleeves are just a strange length on me and I can’t decide whether to shorten them or if they would be better a full length. I also get very frustrated with how that front left doesn’t lay flat. I stitched from the centre back each time and it still doesn’t sit right. It’s so annoying and I think that’s enough to put me off another one. It’s an issue that a lot have had when you look for these in the wild. Perhaps I need to look for another jacket pattern.

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