Baby clothes – the next instalment!

Our granddaughter is nearly 2, but I’m so far behind on my blogging that I actually need to share the things I made for her for Christmas just gone – well 4 months ago!

Penguin hat
This actually needs little introduction. I knitted a penguin set for her when she was tiny. She absolutely loved the hat so much that I received a special request to make another, once the original got too small. 

So I used the same pattern, the 18-24 month size hat and even had enough of the original year left over. The yarn is Naturally Loyal 10-ply. I used just under a ball of black. The two buttons came from stash.

The deets
Yarn:  Naturally Loyal 10-ply, most of which came from The Yarn Queen. I used just under one ball of black, half a ball of cream and a tiny bit of bright orange for the beak.
Notions:  Two little black buttons from stash for the eyes
PatternPoppy Penguin Hat and Cocoon set, size 18-24 months
Changes made:  None
Recommendations:  Again I definitely recommend this as a quick make for any small humans. This hat is so popular and worn so much.

Brindille and Twig Ringer Tee
I made two of these for her first birthday and decided to make a couple more for Christmas, because T-shirts are always useful and I had these two fabrics which were perfect.

This green and white stripe I got from Fabric-a-Brac. There was enough to make up a long sleeved T-shirt

I then found this awesome dinosaur fabric, I think also at Fabric-a-Brac? Because what small human doesn’t love dinosaurs? I had enough of this to make up a short sleeved T-shirt.

This top makes up so fast and is really easy to make. I also love the binding on the hem and sleeves, so I don’t have to use my double needle.

The deets
Fabric:  Green and white stripe and dinosaur jersey fabrics, I think from Fabric-a-Brac.
Notions:  Thread and cotton twill tape for the shoulder seams
PatternBrindille and Twig Ringer Tee, size 18-24 months
Changes made:  None
Another one/recommendations:  This is a great little pattern and great value. Again I didn’t use the construction instructions, since I’ve made a few T-shirts in my time. These are so quick to make up and I think there will be a few more to come.

Dhurata Davies Flo Dress and Sew Over It Tangerine leggings
This is a cute two-piece set consisting of a knit dress with a wrap bodice and gathered skirt, and leggings to go under the dress.

Both fabrics came from stash. The dark red I used for some leggings previously and also for a gym T-shirt here. It’s a really lovely quality and has good recovery. The pale blue striped fabric with the dark red and white is a perfect match. I think this also came from Frabic-a-Brac, but I have to say I can’t remember rightly! It’s quite thick and feels almost like a double knit (it’s not though).

I made up the leggings first. I originally intended to make the Riley leggings to go with this dress, but I didn’t have and couldn’t get any elastic – times of Covid… So I went with the Tangerine leggings I made up previously, so that I could use the big waistband which is a good fit and doesn’t require elastic. 

Once I’d made them up, I suddenly decided they might be a bit short, so unpicked the hem and made up some bands to go at the end of each leg, which made them another 2-3 inches longer.

Other than that these were quick and easy to make up again and particularly when I’ve made them up twice before.

The Flo dress has a wrap front and since I was a little short on fabric, I thought it would be nice to use the dark red to make up the neck bands. Plus the stripes are with the grain of fabric (slightly unusual for a knit), so the bands in the main fabric would have been really busy, rather than a single line around the neck. I prefer this dark red.

The dress also has short sleeves which I hemmed using my double needle with dark red thread. I used the same double needle with the dark red to finish off the hem of the skirt.

This dress was so quick to make up, even with the wrap and gathered skirt. It has ended up a wee bit big for our granddaughter, so it will definitely last!

The deets
Fabric:  Dark red cotton jersey from stash and a pale blue striped knit, I think from Fabric-a-Brac
Notions:  Thread and cotton twill tape for the shoulder seams in the dress
PatternSew Over It Tangerine trousers, size 18-24 months. Dhurata Davies Flo dress, size 24 months
Changes made:  I lengthened the trousers by adding a binding at the end of the legs, otherwise, none.
Another one/recommendations:  This is the third time, I’ve made the leggings, they’ve been a success each time. The dress is a great little pattern and made up really quickly. I basically made these up using my overlocker and then just used my machine with a double needle for the hems.

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