Jennifer Lauren Ivy Pinafore Mk II

Hello folks, it’s been a while! We moved house and it’s winter which means cold photos! I’ve still been sewing and have a number of things to blog, many repeats of other makes, but a few new ones too. One of these days I’ll get out there and get photos!

First off the ranks, a repeat of another pattern which has definitely been a money earner. I love the JLH Ivy Pinafore which I only made last year – why does it feel so much longer than 12 months ago? I decided I needed another pinafore in my life and would have loved something in a fine dark red baby cord (needlecord), but can I find any online which isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg – no! So I suddenly came up with this fabric from stash!

This stretch denim I bought so many years ago, it’s been maturing nicely in my stash! It came from Goldhawk Rd in London, in November 2011. It was from the basement in one of the stores and was the end of the bolt. It was actually my first ever sewing meet up and met up with so many famous people, such as Sew Incidentally (@ClaireSews) and Dibs and the Machine (@Dibsandthemachine) and shock horror, the lovely Dibs wrote a blog post about the event! That’s nearly 10 years ago guys! Don’t we all look so much younger!

You may recognise the fabric from this bag I made! Yes, I now have a pinafore to match the bag! 🙂 I remember buying the fabric and not really knowing what I’d make, but I loved it so much I had to get it. The appliquéd pieces of dark red velvet with the ribbon and patches of denim I love just as much now as I did then.

This fabric called for something really simple without many seams! Trust me, where the applique is attached, this fabric is thick! I made this up the same as my last version, but forgot to reduce the amount added to the hem! I think this has ended up too long and may eventually shorten it – if I can be bothered!

I hunted high and low in my stash for lining this pattern. I thought about using a plain black cotton voile, but decided it was too boring, so opted for this bright red lining fabric instead. I discarded another one since it seemed too “rustly!” 

With the thick fabric, I decided I would use the lining for the top side of the inseam pockets.

I had to be so careful with the fabric placement that seams wouldn’t be where a big patch of applique was, particularly with that neckline. There was one part of the yoke which took a bit of work to top stitch. 

The hem is finished with bias binding to remove bulk, so it’s just turned up the once. I think with the additional length, if I want to shorten it, I could quite easily trim off the excess and start again. I’ll see how I go with it before I do anything.

The buttons again are non-functional. Having moved house, I no longer have access to the lovely button wall at Pete’s Emporium. I managed to find these in a local shop in Napier. They’re not exactly what I was after, but they work.

The deets
Fabric:  Stretch black denim with velvet applique from Goldhawk Rd, bought in November 2011. Red lining from stash
Notions:  Interfacing for the yoke, two large buttons from Wool n Things in Onekawa, self-made black bias binding for the hem.
:  Jennifer Lauren Handmade Ivy Pinafore, view 2, size 18
Changes made:  Lengthened by 3″, but will probably shorten!

Another one/recommendations:  This is my second Ivy Pinafore. Such an easy dress to wear. This has been finished a couple of weeks and is already proving a great addition. 

This is a really easy make and would recommend it. The fit is great. There are no cup sizes with this, but even for me I find the fit to be really good. The instructions are easy to follow. Now I need to make some more Gable tops which are just perfect for this pinafore.

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