Just Patterns Stephanie Skirt Mk 3 and Pattern Scissors Cloth Galaxy T-shirt

Long time no speak, WordPress is doing my head in with its new blocks and one whole page has been lost. 😦 Anyway this skirt doesn’t need much introduction. This is the third version of this skirt I’ve made. It is just becoming a fave TNT. That’s three I’ve made in a year, the other two were made from linen.

This version is quite different to the two linen versions I’ve made. The fabric has been in my stash for some time. If my memory serves me right, I bought it from a friend at Fabric-a-Brac Wellington some time ago. There’s a lot of it and it’s wide, so was perfect for this pattern. There is still a fair amount left.

It’s very fine and so needed a lining, which took me forever to decide on! I tried a lime green, a purple, orange and finally decided on this navy blue. I didn’t have any black and I’m trying to use fabric in my stash… ahem! The skirt pattern doesn’t have a lining, and since I didn’t have quite as much lining fabric, I decided to cut just an A-line shape with some pleating at the waistband so as to remove bulk. It also means it’s not as full as the skirt – perfect for those windy days.

The seams for the main fabric are all French seams and I gave this a narrow rolled hem. My rolled hems are basically overlocked, turned the depth of the overlocking and turned again. It gives a really clean finish.

The waistband is made from the outer fabric, but I seamed it at the top, so the lining of the waistband is made from the lining fabric, both of these are interfaced.

I’d have loved to have included a pocket, but this fabric just was too lightweight. I was however, very happy with my invisible zip. They are gradually getting better, as long as I add interfacing on the fabric!

The Galaxy T-shirt has been on my hit list as soon as it was released and for ages I debated over what fabric to use before I realised I had this black merino in stash. Strangely it’s one of those fabrics I keep in stash as I often find it useful.

I debated for a while which size to make, since I came between sizes and wasn’t really sure how much ease I should allow. Plus I think my merino has a wee bit more stretch than required. Consequently this has come out a bit bigger than I would want, particularly the sleeve cuffs. The neck band I think has also stretched slightly when sewing it to the top.

Looking at the photos, I should have sized down, but also done an FBA by just curving those side seams for the fronts. The fit would be a lot better then. To be honest there aren’t many of these T-shirts in the wild, so it’s difficult to know exactly what the fit should be.

Saying this, I do wear this a lot and like it tucked in. The drape in my merino gives I think adds to why I like this T-shirt so much. It would be very different with a completely different fabric, in fact, I’m almost afraid to try in a cotton jersey, although in theory it should work perfectly well!

The shoulder seams are also slightly long, so I definitely think sizing down and adding that FBA would be a good plan for the next one. I’m really keen to make another, I just need to decide on the colour…

The deets
Fabric:  Spotty chiffon type something in man-made fibre (I think from Fabric-a-Brac), lined with a navy lining fabric from stash. Black merino also from stash
Notions:  Interfacing for the waistband, invisible zip, waistband hook and eye. Tape for the shoulders on the top.
Pattern:  Just Patterns Stephanie Skirt, size 46. Pattern Scissors Cloth Galaxy T-Shirt
Changes made:  The skirt I lined – this isn’t on the pattern, but apart from that no changes at all.

Another one/recommendations:  This is my third Stephanie skirt, is that enough recommendation? I suspect there may be more… As for the Galaxy T-shirt, I’m up for making another one of these. I definitely want another. Initially I wasn’t sure about the plain round neck, but I can see how it will work better than some of my boat/slash neck tops.

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