All about me

A crazy English girl, who has escaped the UK for NZ. I love to sing and sew loads, but sometimes work as a library nerd (oops, library vendor) gets in the way. I’m also a fair weather golfer!

I guess this covers most of it, but here’s a bit of background.

The singing
Well music was always part of my life from the year dot, my father even played the organ for my christening. Rumour has it, it was the only time I wasn’t crying! 🙂

Since then, I learned to play stuff at school, recorders and ‘cello mainly. Plus have always sung in a choir, its a bit more portable than a ‘cello. I the UK, I was lucky enough to sing with Hertfordshire Chorus, a large and well known choir in the south of the UK. When I moved to NZ, I sang with the Orpheus Choir of Wellington, but work has now got in the way and I just don’t have time currently.

Library nerd
Well this is the bit that brings in the money and helps grow the stash and pattern collection! I originally qualified as a secondary maths teacher (nuclear physicist/crowd controller?), but decided teaching wasn’t for me, so qualified as a librarian. For those who don’t know (or can’t believe it), I actually went to university and studied to be a librarian, ending up with an MA in Information and Library Studies. I’ve worked in a number of different libraries throughout the UK – public, schools, further education and universities. When I moved to NZ, I worked for the National Library of New Zealand for three years. I now work for a library vendor travelling the length and breadth of my adopted country visiting libraries (and collecting photos of said libraries!) Mm, yes, there’s considerably more than that involved in it!

I’ve been sewing for years. Mum taught me before I even learned to sew at school. Needless to say I possibly picked up bad habits and got very frustrated trying to learn differently at school! The first things I really made were lots and lots of clothes for my dolls. They were the best dressed dolls around and Mum was happy as I used up all her leftover fabric!

I stopped sewing for some time, lack of money and no sewing machine of my own. I picked it up again as soon as I had my own place, making curtains and soft furnishings, etc. My grandmother had left me her old hand Singer machine too. I started to make a few of my own clothes, many of which I didn’t keep, possibly because I didn’t like the style, or felt they weren’t fashionable (for someone who got teased for her fashion sense when younger, this is a big thing!)

I finally saved up and bought my first electric sewing machine about five years ago and since then there’s been no stopping me! I’ve now got an overlocker to add to the collection. I love making my own clothes and have managed to make some for my husband too. Love the compliments I get, not to mention the fact that I’ve got something no one else has! I really need to have a clear out though!!

As well as dressmaking, I have dabbled in knitting (no thanks really!) I’ve also completed a lot of cross-stitch projects in my time.

Finally I love to travel which is great in my job. My husband and I love to experience new countries and cultures. We’ve found our ideal place to live in now, which is great! Yes, there may be times when we miss the UK, but to be honest, NZ is the place for us!

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