Reconstructing History 1341 – 1932 sporting dress

The next outfit for Art Deco… Reconstructing History 1341 - a sporting dress based on an original from the 1930s. They state on the website it’s from 1932, so pretty much on the button date-wise.  I loved the shape of this pattern straight away, a dress with a waist and a fitted skirt with inverted … Continue reading Reconstructing History 1341 – 1932 sporting dress

Aqua late 1920s dress

Right the first of the outfits I made for the Art Deco Festival. The earthquake in Napier happened in 1931, but if you look online art deco first started before World War 1, but didn’t actually take on until the late 1920s and then continued into the 30s. Fashion wise, this covers drop-waisted flapper style … Continue reading Aqua late 1920s dress