Ogden Camis

A couple more True Bias Ogden Camis. I made the first one last July and it’s had no end of wear, so I thought to make some more.

We’ve had lots of hot, dry weather here in NZ this summer and these are perfect. Truth is, I have a fabric remnant which wasn’t cheap and has been earmarked for another one and I want to try to get the fit better.

My first, the straps were too close together in the front, so I needed to make some changes there. I like the front neckline raised, so I’ve kept that, but widened it by half inch each side to ensure I cover my bra straps. The pale coloured one has stretched slightly on the neckline.

With the second I forgot to shorten the straps and had to unpick them again. The straps need shortening by around an inch. I think another change I might do is to raise the underarm. It feels a little low. I still covers my bra, but I think it might look better raised slightly.

The other change I made was to lengthen the lining again by around an inch. These fabrics are quite fine, so I don’t really want them showing everything off!

The deets
Fabric:  A pale grey leopard print crepe and a plain pink rayon crepe, both from The Fabric Warehouse, here in Wellington, bought late November this year.
Notions:  Thread
Pattern:  True Bias Ogden Cami, size 14
Changes made:  Front neckline raised and widened, straps widened and shortened, facing also lengthened.

Recommendations/Another one:  There is certainly another one planned and I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t make another. I reckon this would hack well to make a dress, I think I would also be great made from a lightweight knit in a smaller size and teamed up with knit shorts for a great pair of PJs. Mm, thinks, might do this!

I would definitely recommend this. They are so easy to wear and quick to make. Each was cut and sewn in about two/three hours. It’s pretty clear why this pattern is so popular.

Merry Christmas all!

2 thoughts on “Ogden Camis

  1. These look sooo comfy for hot summer days – am so glad you decided to make yourself a few more. I have a similar pattern from ages ago, but haven’t been able to motivate meself… yet!
    Happy Christmas to you, too. 🎄🎉🎄
    And all the best in sewing and life in 2018!

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